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Robin Gibson Gallery 
Syndey, NSW
Wienholt drawings

Anne Wienholt, a mid twentieth century woman artist, was concerned with capturing “the curious, strange and wonderful.”

Leaving Australia to study art in New York City during WWII, she soon broke with social convention by marrying a Japanese American artist and pursuing a serious art career while raising 3 daughters.

Wienholt’s work, which spans 8 decades, showcases her capacious spirit and mastery over form. In her words: “Art is a hunt. The clues are marks on paper, shapes in metal. The quarry one self. ” 

'Go Fix Yourselves A Snack'

The artist's daughter writes about growing up with a  mom whose art was her life.

Daughters honor late mom with retrospective exhibit of her artworks

Article about Wienholt legacy - Art Was Her Life

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